Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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Super Consciousness is the mother of life. It is the manifestation of Love that is called forth as a puppy, a beaver, a fold and a fly. It is the Spirit from which we were called forth to be.

It is ubiquitous, and therefore present in everything we see on this planet and in the night sky. It is present in that last breath of air that just entered your body. Super Consciousness is present in everything you see out your kitchen window. It is comprised of 100% pure unconditional love. Super Consciousness is cross-gender, and therefore present both as a He and a She. She is present in every speck and iota of the cosmos. He is present in you; just as He is present everywhere.

Super Consciousness flows freely throughout all creation. It is Creation, the Universe, the Devine. Super Consciousness is the Cosmic Whole. It is All, Everything. Super Consciousness is the All-Inclusive Intelligence that is present not only as creation itself, but also present in every particle of creation.

We experience Super Consciousness as we call it forth through thoughts and expressions of love. It is the Magnanimous Genius that, through love, unifies everything as far as you can see and beyond what you may imagine.

Super Consciousness is the Great Cosmic Oneness, composed of the fold, the fly, the puppy, the beaver, you, the planets, the stars and every species and every form that makes up creation. And we, each of us, along with all of creation are bonded together in that Oneness through the energy exchange called Love.

Creation is One all-inclusive colossal life form, and love is the energy flow that connects all aspects and parts of it.

Allow me show to you one illustrative way to better understand Super Consciousness. Draw a big circle, and then fill the circle with oodles of tiny dots. Next, connect all the dots. What does this depiction represent? The dots represent all of us within creation; which is the circle. The lines that interconnect the dots represent love. The circle, all life and matter within (the dots), along with our interconnectedness through the extension of love (the connecting lines), represent Love. Love is the free flowing and unrestricted energy force that unites it all life-forms together as One. Through loving thoughts and expressions of love, we allow the presence of the divine, Super Consciousness to be received in our heart, and then extended to others and our surroundings. – LOVE TO YOU, DON.

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