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You Are Truth

Why do we not experience the pure unconditional energy of the love that flows freely throughout cosmic creation? Why do we not interact with one another and our surroundings like we are one with Super-consciousness?

We do not practice oneness with Super-consciousness, our true reality, because in part, we did not learn of it. We were not made aware of our inseparable divine interrelationship with the All. Rather, we learned of separateness, and then those lessons that we learned began to speak to us. And so we were caught up in a snowball effect of first learning then subsequently using these same lessons as guides. The voice of separateness became our teacher.

Initially, we learned to define who we are as separate individuals, and then these defining thoughts about who we are became beliefs. And our beliefs about being separate entities then became our prominent life-long teacher and guide. Over the years, our identities form a nucleus, a inner ego-centered consciousness that is comprised of the thoughts that move about within this fabricated belief system. This ego-centered state of conscious is extremely powerful, and governs how we view our self, how we interact with the world and how we perceive the reality of Creation.

The ego governs our thoughts and feelings with such dynamic power and incredible threat that we cannot see beyond it to experience the dimension of our true Reality. We have difficulty letting our guard down and experiencing oneness with the All.

We learned, by conventional teachings that we, as humans, maintain a sense of priority within the Cosmos. We learned that because we have an intellect, or more specifically the power to reason, that we, above any other life forms or objects in creation have preferential rights to do what we want in order to create a more satisfying existence.

We do not see that we share the oneness of creation, rather we believe that we dominate it. We do not see that creation is one living life form, in which we share an equal, non-dominating part. We learn rather that humankind is the central figure in creation and everything else is of lesser importance. We believe that trees, lakes, fields, mountains, birds, bears, rabbits, and all other earthly and cosmic life forms are of lesser value when relating to the human form. We also learn that other people are of lesser importance and less significant than we are. And out of that realization are innumerable conflicts born. So, in many forms and on many levels we experience discontent with one another and the environment. We perpetuate the will to dominate others and our surroundings, as exemplified by wars amongst nations and the insatiable passion to scourge and abuse our planet.

Want an answer to these phenomenon of titanic proportion? Learn to become reunited with Truth. Learn to think from a place In the mind that knows only love. Learn to express compassion and cradle a non-manipulative sense of caring.

Look to get nothing in return for extending love to everyone and everything in your surroundings. Next, avoid practicing separateness. Rather keep your mind and heart open to All, without filtering your thoughts through either comparisons or judgments. Remember you are Truth. You are the Light that shines the way for you and others. Love to you - Don
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