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Like you I was born into this world without knowing of conditional acceptance. I didn’t realize that the acceptance I would learn to crave, must be earned. I didn’t know what was coming. I didn’t realize that the acceptance I earned from others would be the basis for which their love would be either offered or withheld. Simply, love and acceptance are coterminous. When acting in acceptable manner, I was shown love.

At birth, we are unaware of the conditions that will soon be placed on our ability to deserve the love of others. Birth is the manifestation of love, and in our first moments we know nothing other than our oneness with that single experience. In that moment we are nothing more or less than pure uncontaminated life, cradled in love.

Like you, until taught by the world’s conventional reality, I did not realize that gaining the acceptance of others would be both necessary and essential to attaining personal happiness.

Nor did I realize that achieving intellectual, athletic, career, social, communicative, or creative acceptance would be pivotal to earning the love of others.

Like you, as a newborn, I did not know that I would, before too long, be judged both on my appearance and abilities; nor did I imagine that the level of my accomplishments would determine how the world would treat me, or the impact it would have on what I would believe about myself.

As maturing youngsters, we begin to comprehend the idea that we get along with some folks better than we do others. Also it is discovered sooner or later that we’re not capable, in all situations, of being accepted by a particular group that we wish to join.

In our pre-adult years we also learn that our identity is characterized to some degree, in accordance with both our dissimilarity and likenesses to others. This would include things like our looks, background, family

pedigree, personality characteristics, or common interests. Because of the way we compare ourselves to others, we cause ourselves to be continually in search of the ever-eluding acceptable self-identity. That acceptable identity is the key, we believe, to finding love.

So from infancy on, the world tells us that our acceptability is continually and perpetually in question. Therefore being loved is equally in question. And thusly right from these early years on, our minds become distracted by the pursuit of acceptance, and the memory of who we really are becomes hazy and confused. Rather than remembering who we are, we become preoccupied with crafting a more acceptable self, and we look to the world for kudos and feedback to tells us that we are on track.

The continual disconcerting search for a more acceptable self is not without its ill consequences. Emotional discontent intermittently flares up, because in the search for an acceptable self, we ignore our Real Self, the pure loving child-at-birth self. We have but one true identity; which is, we are One with Super-consciousness, in which we are bonded together by love. In this bonding we are All. We are One.

Due to the pursuit of the things, ambitions and ideas that captivate our drive for acceptance, we consequently distance ourselves from the Truth. We become so overly distracted that the Real Self goes unrecognized. It is forgotten.

Over time, a preponderance of distracting thoughts arise within the mind and layer-by-layer cover the memory of who we really are. The light of Love may be strained to glow through so many filters, but that light is never absent. The Truth about who you really are never leaves you.

You may be distracted by a mind that has been inundated with ideas and thoughts about what you should do or who you should be in order to reach a predetermined level of acceptability. But don’t be deluded. The truth about who you are cannot be described by any acceptance standard. The truth about who you are cannot be determined by any expectation or demands that you or anyone else places on you. You are Truth in your own right. You are Divine. In Truth the concept of acceptability is non-existent. You can do nothing to make yourself more acceptable.

The Truth about you cannot be altered. A car, house, friendship, career, cannot mask the Truth about you. Money power, control, intellect, or self-importance cannot raise you to higher level of acceptability. Masks that are placed on the Truth eventually will wither away. The Truth about who you are is eternal. That Truth is this: You are Love. And Love cannot be altered or adorned in order that it be raised or lowered to a standard of acceptability. Love to You – Don

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