Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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Who or what is the ego?

The ego is nothing other than our own thoughts about who we are and how we fit into the world. The ego is a self-created and self-generating mind-set. It uses self-judgment as the steering device to guide our thoughts, actions, emotions and feelings. It guides us through our lives with information that is non-inclusive of Super-consciousness.

Where did the ego come from? It was incubated in conventional reality. We learn from infancy that who we are is not enough. We learn that we could be better than we are. We learn that others will make interpretations about who we are and thusly we modify our behavior so that we may be perceived, in their eyes, as acceptable. They will size us up by comparing us to certain acceptable standards, then guide us to meet the conditions of their “acceptable” expectations.

The developing ego learns the importance of making judgments. It learns that being better or in some way accomplished causes others to see us as more acceptable, and thusly we see it in our self. The ego learns that when it is perceived to be missing something that it is expected to have, that it is judged as lacking acceptability. It learns that the acceptance offered by others is conditional in nature, and is completely dependent on how we are perceived.

The ego is nurtured by a false reality, a myth. And so what it believes and proclaims is also false, an illusion. Love to All - Don

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