Friday, January 22, 2010




Happiness – It’s Your entitlement

There is a way to remove our pain and suffering. In order to do so we must make ourselves aware that the source of all distress, disappointment, and depression resides in the belief that the distractions of the world can offer what Love cannot. Happiness, peacefulness and fulfillment are our entitlements.

Distractions are nothing more that a shrine composed of the many empty symbols that we learn to idolize through the teachings of conventional reality. These distracting symbols reinforce the belief that someone or something can make us acceptable, loved and happy.

In following the ego’s guidance, we pay homage to the many self-serving distractions that seemingly are ever present. We build shrines to money, power, status, and worldly triumphs.

Distractions serve as proof-symbols to show the world that we are important and, in some way, prominent. They show that our acceptability is being validated or our self-worth is being perpetuated and sustained. In Super Consciousness these symbols are meaningless.

Who we really are cannot be defined by the limitations of worldly symbols. Our essential nature within Creation is in no way affiliated with power, performance, prestige, fame, or wealth. None of these symbols are prerequisite on the pathway of happiness.

When distracted we need only make one recollection. Remember, we are always but one small, single thought away from experiencing happiness. When distracted, make the call for Love. Make the request for love and Love will be present. Love To You - Don


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