Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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2010 -
The "No Worries" Year

Monday, December 28, 2009

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2010 -
The Year
To Make It Happen

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Is It Your Time?

Want to Change the course that your life is taking? Want to better understand the patterns and situations that you repeatedly fall into? Want to enjoy a better future. There is a pathway of happiness and inner-peace that is made just for you. You need only to discover it, and then follow it. It’s a new year, a time for new beginnings. Would you like cause different things to happen in your life? Want to create a Transformational Pathway for yourself?

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Within everyone is an empowering source of energy that, when accessed, can alter the course of an individuals life. A life that seems to be off the mark can be reset, rebooted, and re-aimed to be put on-target.

A life that is searching for goals or a means to happiness can be enriched and reassured to know that there is a appropriate pathway of happiness for each individual.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Holiday Gift Suggestions

For the children, give a good example
For the aimless, give good intentions
For the old, give gratitude
For the selfish, give patience
For the lonely, give companionship
For the sick, make yourself present
For your lover, give unconditional love, and
To yourself, give Total Acceptance
- Don Brun

Monday, December 21, 2009

Transforming Moments Into Love

This is an article taken from our weekly "Love Letter"

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Transforming The Moments Of Your Life

A child and his father were walking along a sparsely traveled country road, and out of curiosity the boy reached down to pick up a small piece of metal from the pavement. He then asked his father “What do you think this is, dad?” His father’s reply was: “It can be anything that you want it to be, son.” The father continued by telling the boy that because the strip of steel was twisted and bent, that the exact prior use of the object was difficult to determine. Then, he further explained to the boy that the otherwise useless piece of metal could be melted down and formed into any number of individual uses. Essentially it could be heated, turned to liquid, and the new purpose would be determined in the mind of the craftsman who would shape it into a new form. He went on to explain that once melted the steel could be formed into a fishing lure, a door-handle or even a child’s toy.

The story about the father and the little boy depicts a similarity to how each moment of our lives can be perceived. It shows that nothing is perceived to be what it is until it is given a meaning by the individual who perceives it. The piece of bent and twisted metal had the potential to be anything that it could possibly be shaped into. The new purpose of the metal would be determined by the person that would have it melted and re-shaped. Likewise the purpose of each moment will serve whatever purpose is assigned to it.

It can be a moment used for the purpose of extending love, or it could be used to project one of many forms of fear.

We use countless moments of our physical lifetime to access the characteristics of people, things and conditions. We train our minds to size up our surroundings, and an inordinate amount of mental effort is devoted to making our perceptions and judgments conform to special, individual beliefs. If we harbor a certain belief about a person, then each incident that involves that person is used to affirm our pre-determined beliefs. If a person at work is perceived as being sweet and compassionate then our moment-by-moment thoughts will support that belief. If the checkout clerk at the market were determined to be grumpy and anti-social, then each new thought that we would have about that person would support this belief. So each moment of thought is used to support pre-set beliefs about what ever it is we are thinking about. We can use each moment to either support some ego-founded belief, or we choose otherwise.

Each moment may be used for whatever purpose is given it. It is an instant in which we may choose to remember only who we really are. No matter how often we have disappointed ourselves, or condemned others, we can use the present moment as a new opportunity to reclaim our place in the Universe. Each moment stands alone, and represents another opportunity to be at-one with True Self. No matter how you may have faulted or judged yourself, each moment represents the occasion to stand apart from all judgments of self an others.

This is an excellent time of the year to remember that any moment can be what you want it to be. Give yourself the gift of that remembrance. Remember that the moments of your day turn out as you intend them to be.

They can be left unaltered like the otherwise useless piece of twisted scrap metal found by the boy, or transformed into loving thoughts, honed and shaped by pure loving intentions. This remembrance is a beautiful gift to give to yourself. - Don

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Nothing Wrong With Being Happy

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Greetings

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"A good conscience is a continual Christmas."

- Ben Franklin

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keeping Life Simple

Keeping Life Simple

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Love - Is It Like A Screw In Light?

Happy Beings
"Love Letter" Blog

Love – Is it like a screw-in light?

Ever been really mad at someone you love? If so, then you know something about the screw in love light. The screw in love light is akin to the function of any other screw in light. Simply screw it in and light burst forth. Be a faithful friend or lover and the light glows with a long cast of radiance. Mess up and that faux pas sets in motion a totally different storyline. Which, of course is the threshold to another completely different matter. An unscrewing takes place. There is no longer a radiant glow. And I‘m sure by now; you have figured this metaphor out. The love light is no longer making the proper connection because the bulb was loosened in the light socket. It was given an abrupt counterclockwise twist by the uninterested, betrayed or offended one.

The love light can get quite a workout. Screw it in. There it stays in place, happy and cozy in its fixture; that is, until just after an offensive comment or gesture; or one person just losses interest in the other. Then with a quick twist, again it is out. “Hello darkness my old friend.” The bulb finds itself to be in a sort of wobbly uncertain, and precarious position. With just one more slight twist it just might fall to its fate. In which case love lays as shattered fragments. Bright love is transformed to dead love!

Can the love light remain lit. It can, and with willingness, does. The perceived concept of love has a lot to do with weather or not it must suffer through so many twists – both in and out. If love is based on cravings then when the urge is satisfied the desire for love diminishes. Sometimes love is defined in terms of judgment and evaluation. When the judgment is favorable or when the evaluation is satisfactory then the light remains securely nestled within the socket. When either is not, then the bulb is loosed. The light sputters. And, too often love becomes hate.

Can the bulb remain securely twisted, and can the light glow even though the friendship of relationship takes a turn into dark times. Again it totally depends on how love is defined by the involved parties. Put conditions on one’s perception of love, and when the terms are not upheld, the light becomes loose and it radiates with an intermittent glow until the bulb is just so loose it no longer makes the connection. Then, no light equals no love. Eventually the loosely fit dark bulb falls from the socket and “baam” love is not only done but it is dead.

What do we do in the case of the “dead love” syndrome. Screw in another light of course, maybe a higher wattage bulb. The brighter light just might be the answer to keeping the bulb secure in the socket, so it cannot loosen and one day fall and shatter. Of course we all know that the “maybe” in that scenario is nothing but bull. Although based on the way love is often understood, keeping the love light in the socket must mysteriously have something to do with its wattage. In the name of love don’t we so often allow the bulb to loosen and fall, then in pursuit of “love” go for the brighter light as the replacement. Why else would it happen that love shines and in the interest of pursuing a “new love,” the hand of disinterest or intolerance or dissatisfaction unceremoniously twists the bulb in the counterclockwise direction? Bulb is out – love is dead. Shattered bulb is traded in for a new one.

Here are some simple thoughts of mine about love. The socket is always energized with Love. Love is always present. And, it glows without interruption as long as contact is made. Willingness is the contact. Selflessness keeps it secure. Want love? Don’t mess with the light even when you are really mad, or someone messes up, or when the relationship becomes precariously shaken, or the urge to judge becomes overwhelming, or when you can’t get what you want. Don’t ever mess with the light. Don’t grab for it. Don’t turn it. Reaching for that light will only make you selfish, “wishie-washie,” and consumed with inner-turmoil. Put your hands in your pockets. Love to all. Don

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Love, Love, Love. "I Am Love"



Good morning
Love is
what you are.

And I’d like to
get a fantastic
loving echo in
my ears
and heart
from the all world,

You place yourself at a window,
a mirror, call a friend,
speak to your cat, dog or bird…
And with a nice smile, say it loud:
I Am Love

Feel free to say it again
until you feel yourself vibrating,
jumping, dancing, laughing,
smiling, loving, kissing,
embracing, flying, shining, radiating…
You are Love in this world.

I love you, enjoy your day.
Love always.
The Power Within

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Karma, Paying it forward, Kind Actions

A time comes in the lives of many
where one cannot be of help to himself
What is done to one
Is done to all
By the consideration
and actions of others
his suffering may be minimized

My actions are my only true belongings.
I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.
My actions are the ground upon which I stand.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

According to the karma of past actions,
one's destiny unfolds,
even though everyone wants to be so lucky.
~Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Regard your neighbor’s gain
as your own gain, and your neighbor’s loss
as your own loss.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today's Happy Thought

A Simple Formula For Love
The more love that you offer to others
The more love that will be offered you.
Learn to see love in others, and
Love will be seen in you. - Metta Don
Have a Very Happy Day!!!!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Are Part Of Something Big, And It Is All Love

Happy Beings
"Love Letter" Blog

Through both loving thoughts and expressions of love,
we allow the presence of love to be received in our hearts, and transmitted through our beings.

Super Consciousness is supreme to conventional consciousness and it is present everywhere and in all things. Super Consciousness presents itself as the unseen and intangible. It is of divine nature and manifests graciousness, in an unrestricted fashion throughout all of creation. It is the true reality in which all of creation rests in balance. It cannot be disturbed or jilted by the concocted and conflicted conventional reality.

It is present as the mother of life. It is present in a puppy, a beaver, a fold and a fly. It is present in everything we see on this planet and in the night sky. It is present in that last breath of air that just entered your body, as well as being present in everything you see out your kitchen window. It is the ultimate form of consciousness that allows loving thought to be called forth and manifested as expressions of the same.

The divine nature of Super Consciousness is made manifest through 100% pure unconditional love. It is present both as a he and she. Super Consciousness is also present in every speck and iota of creation. It is present in you just as it is present everywhere. It is the All Inclusive Intelligence that is present not only as creation itself, but also present in every particle of creation. It allows for the continuation and extension of unrestricted love. It is the Genius that, through love, unifies everything as far as we can see and beyond what we may imagine. And each of us, along with all of creation are unified, together as One in Super Consciousness. Through both loving thoughts and expressions of love, we allow the presence of love to be received in our hearts, and transmitted through our beings. Super Consciousness is our True state of being who we are intended to be. It is our Truth made manifest without any form of self-myth or illusion. It is our Truth made manifest without self-judgment or condemnation. It is our truth made manifest without any form of ego-distraction. In Super Consciousness we are One with the Source of divine, creative cosmic energy. We are One with the presence of God.

Let me show you one illustrative way to depict the concept of Super Consciousness. Draw a big circle, and then fill the circle with oodles of tiny dots. Next, connect all the dots. What does this circle filled with dots and criss-cross lines represent? The dots represent all beings as well as everything within creation, the circle. The lines that interconnect the dots represent unrestricted, unconditional love. The circle, the life and matter within (the dots), along with our interconnectedness through the extension of love (the connecting lines), represent the unified presence of Super Consciousness. It is the Source of our inherent goodness, and kindness. Love is the free flowing and unrestricted energy force that keeps everyone and everything unified as the Whole. Love unites the goodness and kindness that is present in everyone and everything. Love is the pure divine energy that constantly resonates throughout Super Consciousness. Love To All Don

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