Friday, December 11, 2009

Love - Is It Like A Screw In Light?

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Love – Is it like a screw-in light?

Ever been really mad at someone you love? If so, then you know something about the screw in love light. The screw in love light is akin to the function of any other screw in light. Simply screw it in and light burst forth. Be a faithful friend or lover and the light glows with a long cast of radiance. Mess up and that faux pas sets in motion a totally different storyline. Which, of course is the threshold to another completely different matter. An unscrewing takes place. There is no longer a radiant glow. And I‘m sure by now; you have figured this metaphor out. The love light is no longer making the proper connection because the bulb was loosened in the light socket. It was given an abrupt counterclockwise twist by the uninterested, betrayed or offended one.

The love light can get quite a workout. Screw it in. There it stays in place, happy and cozy in its fixture; that is, until just after an offensive comment or gesture; or one person just losses interest in the other. Then with a quick twist, again it is out. “Hello darkness my old friend.” The bulb finds itself to be in a sort of wobbly uncertain, and precarious position. With just one more slight twist it just might fall to its fate. In which case love lays as shattered fragments. Bright love is transformed to dead love!

Can the love light remain lit. It can, and with willingness, does. The perceived concept of love has a lot to do with weather or not it must suffer through so many twists – both in and out. If love is based on cravings then when the urge is satisfied the desire for love diminishes. Sometimes love is defined in terms of judgment and evaluation. When the judgment is favorable or when the evaluation is satisfactory then the light remains securely nestled within the socket. When either is not, then the bulb is loosed. The light sputters. And, too often love becomes hate.

Can the bulb remain securely twisted, and can the light glow even though the friendship of relationship takes a turn into dark times. Again it totally depends on how love is defined by the involved parties. Put conditions on one’s perception of love, and when the terms are not upheld, the light becomes loose and it radiates with an intermittent glow until the bulb is just so loose it no longer makes the connection. Then, no light equals no love. Eventually the loosely fit dark bulb falls from the socket and “baam” love is not only done but it is dead.

What do we do in the case of the “dead love” syndrome. Screw in another light of course, maybe a higher wattage bulb. The brighter light just might be the answer to keeping the bulb secure in the socket, so it cannot loosen and one day fall and shatter. Of course we all know that the “maybe” in that scenario is nothing but bull. Although based on the way love is often understood, keeping the love light in the socket must mysteriously have something to do with its wattage. In the name of love don’t we so often allow the bulb to loosen and fall, then in pursuit of “love” go for the brighter light as the replacement. Why else would it happen that love shines and in the interest of pursuing a “new love,” the hand of disinterest or intolerance or dissatisfaction unceremoniously twists the bulb in the counterclockwise direction? Bulb is out – love is dead. Shattered bulb is traded in for a new one.

Here are some simple thoughts of mine about love. The socket is always energized with Love. Love is always present. And, it glows without interruption as long as contact is made. Willingness is the contact. Selflessness keeps it secure. Want love? Don’t mess with the light even when you are really mad, or someone messes up, or when the relationship becomes precariously shaken, or the urge to judge becomes overwhelming, or when you can’t get what you want. Don’t ever mess with the light. Don’t grab for it. Don’t turn it. Reaching for that light will only make you selfish, “wishie-washie,” and consumed with inner-turmoil. Put your hands in your pockets. Love to all. Don

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