Monday, December 21, 2009

Transforming Moments Into Love

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Transforming The Moments Of Your Life

A child and his father were walking along a sparsely traveled country road, and out of curiosity the boy reached down to pick up a small piece of metal from the pavement. He then asked his father “What do you think this is, dad?” His father’s reply was: “It can be anything that you want it to be, son.” The father continued by telling the boy that because the strip of steel was twisted and bent, that the exact prior use of the object was difficult to determine. Then, he further explained to the boy that the otherwise useless piece of metal could be melted down and formed into any number of individual uses. Essentially it could be heated, turned to liquid, and the new purpose would be determined in the mind of the craftsman who would shape it into a new form. He went on to explain that once melted the steel could be formed into a fishing lure, a door-handle or even a child’s toy.

The story about the father and the little boy depicts a similarity to how each moment of our lives can be perceived. It shows that nothing is perceived to be what it is until it is given a meaning by the individual who perceives it. The piece of bent and twisted metal had the potential to be anything that it could possibly be shaped into. The new purpose of the metal would be determined by the person that would have it melted and re-shaped. Likewise the purpose of each moment will serve whatever purpose is assigned to it.

It can be a moment used for the purpose of extending love, or it could be used to project one of many forms of fear.

We use countless moments of our physical lifetime to access the characteristics of people, things and conditions. We train our minds to size up our surroundings, and an inordinate amount of mental effort is devoted to making our perceptions and judgments conform to special, individual beliefs. If we harbor a certain belief about a person, then each incident that involves that person is used to affirm our pre-determined beliefs. If a person at work is perceived as being sweet and compassionate then our moment-by-moment thoughts will support that belief. If the checkout clerk at the market were determined to be grumpy and anti-social, then each new thought that we would have about that person would support this belief. So each moment of thought is used to support pre-set beliefs about what ever it is we are thinking about. We can use each moment to either support some ego-founded belief, or we choose otherwise.

Each moment may be used for whatever purpose is given it. It is an instant in which we may choose to remember only who we really are. No matter how often we have disappointed ourselves, or condemned others, we can use the present moment as a new opportunity to reclaim our place in the Universe. Each moment stands alone, and represents another opportunity to be at-one with True Self. No matter how you may have faulted or judged yourself, each moment represents the occasion to stand apart from all judgments of self an others.

This is an excellent time of the year to remember that any moment can be what you want it to be. Give yourself the gift of that remembrance. Remember that the moments of your day turn out as you intend them to be.

They can be left unaltered like the otherwise useless piece of twisted scrap metal found by the boy, or transformed into loving thoughts, honed and shaped by pure loving intentions. This remembrance is a beautiful gift to give to yourself. - Don

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