Thursday, January 14, 2010

Truth Is A Moment Away

Happy Beings


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Truth - It's Just An Instant Away

We do make errors. We may act in an unloving manner or think of others with unloving thoughts. But, no error is beyond reparation. The Wise Voice Within is but an instant away. We may get ourselves immensely immersed in unbelievable situations, or involved with those who cause nothing but despair, heartache and pain; but remember Super Consciousness is not far away.

No matter the relationship, situation, circumstance or problem that we find ourselves in, we always have the opportunity to make another choice and get ourselves back on-track. Our minds can be diverted and thrown off-kilter, but our purpose is not forsaken.

Love is ever present and if we are willing, available to help us heal.

We can never desert the place of love and inner peace that is within us. We may follow the ego, loose the way, and feel as if our emotional situation is hopeless. We may feel as if depression, futility and other feelings of emptiness have taken up permanent residency within.

Remember, however, that the return to Truth is only an instant away. In a millisecond you can have it back. You may have been distracted but the radiant light of love is always present. Love to All – Don

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