Monday, January 4, 2010

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Have you taken note that most things that we ponder and worry about never really go any further than worry?

We may think of something someone will say; or how someone will respond; or what will happen because we did something that supposedly adversely affected someone else. We worry ourselves sick about things that might happen. A thought arises in our heads. It stirs around and coagulates with similar or supportive thoughts until we have a full-on tizzy circulating in the mind. One thought draws the next just as a cotton candy stick draws to it more cotton candy, or as a snowball draws more snow.

Both cotton candy and snow seem to have their wits about them when attracting more of their kind. Eventually, after their job is completed they let go. All is released either to formlessness or melting. Neither the cotton candy treat nor the snowball, continue to attach to themselves more of the same.

We however are prone to carry within, a mind full of thoughts about a particular matter, and then as these thoughts intensify we become worrisome. We torment ourselves with the “what ifs” and the “who will knows,” and the “if he or she finds outs.” The resonation of worry bogs the mind down and ongoing stress is stored within our bodies.

If this might happen to you, here is a resolution to consider. Tell yourself that for the new year, you will make your life a little easier. Learn to let go of the drama. Free up your mind from the free radical thoughts that cause worry.

Nothing or nobody in this world is perfect. That means you nor anyone else. Do yourself a favor and stop expecting outcomes to conform with your worry nurtured suppositions. Stop the drama from intensifying. You’ll feel healthier. Save your heart from bursting and your mind from racing. Get off the emotional treadmill. Learn to take the situations and encounters of the day at face value, and stop attracting more and more drama to the little mini circumstances that arise. Unplug the worry cord, and atop allowing your mind access to tainted thinking.

Discontinue the cotton candy effect. It is bad for your well-being. Philosopher Anais Nin said: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” With a drama intensified mind we look at the world around us, and it shows us exactly what we would want to see. And that which we see causes us to think in a certain way, and that thinking subjects the mind to worry. Sometimes we worry to the point of becoming depressed or even crazy.

Worry is a learned habit, and we have another choice available. This is a great time of the year to consider alternatives to dramatizing the situations of our lives. It is a time to move to a different vantage point and discontinue the storyline that is intensified by the same replayed and rehashed thought patterns. It is an excellent time to intervene on the accumulating drama and follow another pathway, an alternate route, the way of love. Let the drama pass without becoming attached to it. Learn to meditate, the journey of love.

Reduce the worry in your life by choosing to see from a new perspective. Then, hold fast to that choice. It will reward you with years of happiness. - Don

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