Friday, July 3, 2009

Remembering your reality

God extends love, and He in no way recognizes the concept of unacceptability. God does not perceive in you or anyone, anything that is lacking. In His eyes no one is unacceptable. In love we are the extension of God made manifest in our human form. In love we are God’s likeness. Love, and you are as God is. In love we are one with God’s mind. When we extend love we are realizing what it is to share God’s presence. At that very moment we are recognizing our oneness with God. We are remembering who we really are. When love is present, God is present. When we are extending love we are expressing life in its true essence. We are realizing our unity with divine consciousness. When we share love or express love we are being as God is. In that very instant we are remembering who we really are and uniting with our reality.
¤¤¤BE HAPPY!!¤¤¤

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