Friday, July 31, 2009

Self- Awareness, The First Step

The first step to guiding a person through a self-awareness program is to bring to mind the self that a person has learned to identify with. We do this by first of all allowing the mind to bring up whatever it will about the self. We learn to make no personal attachment to our thoughts, and rather allow all thoughts to both rise and fade as they will. We also learn to accept all thoughts without the preference to deny some while acknowledging others. All thoughts are given equal acknowledgement. None are slighted.

It is very easy for the ego to get stuck in denial. It has an overwhelmingly strong tendency to become defensive about questionable matters of self. But the practice of self-awareness must be conducted in the capacity as an observer. In other words we sit quietly and allow thoughts to move freely without any personal attachment or ownership. Just as

we might sit on a bench and observe vehicles and people moving along the street in front of us, so do we observe our thoughts in the same manner.

If we are willing to remain open to the truth, this first step in reaching self-awareness will provide the venue for recognizing how we have formed a self-identity. If we remain true to the practice it will give us valuable insight into the reality that we have empowered to govern our lives. We will gain extraordinary insight into the underpinnings that fortify of our physical, psychological and emotional issues.

This first step to self-awareness is also the initial step to true self-freedom. It is the first step on the journey to true love and happiness. It also leads to the next step; which is acceptance. You can read about the self-acceptance step in an upcoming Love Letter. ~Don

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