Friday, July 24, 2009

Blessing by the Buddha

May every creature abound in well-being and peace. 
May every living being, weak or strong, the long and the small 
The short and the medium-sized, the mean and the great; 
May every living being, seen or unseen, those dwelling far off, 
Those near by, those already born, those waiting to be born; 
May all attain inward peace.

Let no one deceive another. 
Let no one despise another in any situation.
Let no one, from antipathy or hatred, wish evil to anyone at all. 
Just as a mother, with her own life,
protects her only son from hurt, 
So within yourself foster a limitless concern
for every living creature.Display a heart of boundless love for all the world.
In all its height and depth and broad extent,
Love unrestrained, without hate or enmity. 
Then as you stand or walk, sit or lie,
until overcome by drowsiness 
Devote your mind entirely to this,
it is known as living here life divine.

The Zen Circle - a circle drawn in a single fast stroke by a human hand. The roundness and perfection of the circle in a single unthinking act shows great practice on the part of the artist however even the most perfect zen circle has a beginning and an end representing the transition from life to death. But nonetheless the circle goes around. And what is the circle without the space that it encompasses and the space which encompasses it? Inside the circle is nothingness, inside the circle is the universe, inside the circle is the magic of life and death. - Source Zachary Miller

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