Monday, December 22, 2008

Oneness is the idea – Love is the way

When viewing the earth from a satellite image, we see a big beautiful ball dotted with white swirls and huge blue panoramas. When viewing our solar system we see the drift of big and little spheres, all harmoniously suspended in space. All are precisely bonded by the orchestration of cosmic intelligence. Extend the view even further and the earth and solar system become indistinguishable. They appear as sub-microscopic particles in an awesomely expansive galaxy. Isolating the earth’s presence in relation to that widened view would be less likely than tracking down one electron in a single atom with the naked eye. Mind boggling – right!

We are tiny in comparison to the total of all cosmic expansiveness and would not have to travel far into space to realize that our separate little human selves are part of One Creation, a phenomenon held in a peaceful, perfect treaty.

In sustaining its existence, one part of the cosmos does not make attempts to control another, or get its own way. One huge sphere, surging at an unimaginable speed does not try to use its incredible velocity and mass to butt another out of the cosmos.

The Cosmos is Creation, is peace, is God. Like critters, clouds, oceans, black holes, galaxies, and huge cosmic swirls we are part of the Great Oneness. Like each of the tiniest cosmic particles we are critical to Oneness. Each of us is necessary in balancing the Whole. Love is the bonding agent that holds Creation together. When we extend love to others we are living out our purpose. We are One with creation. We are doing as God does.

Love is not selfish rather it is harmonious. It is not condemning rather love is accepting. So if we want to rejoin the peacefulness of Cosmic or Divine Oneness and remain in step with our human purpose, then Love is the way. If we want to remove the aggravation and stress from our lives then love is the way. Love is the way to Happiness.

Love is the way to self-acceptance. Love is the way to living in harmony with the Divine, with One another, with Creation. Love is the way to realize that God is present in everyone and everything. 2009 presents another opportunity to make the way to Oneness, and being One in Love with God, Our Brothers, Our Sisters and all of Creation. Enjoy the opportunity. db¤

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