Monday, December 8, 2008

Meaningful Thoughts

Are the thoughts that cause us torment and misery, meaningful?

We get caught up in thoughts that bring on stress and anguish. This causes a septic reaction in our bodies. From day to day we burden ourselves with emotional distress and despair.

When experiencing inner-torment, anguish, distress or despair we are seeking something meaningful while suspended in a meaningless thought cycle.

All True Meaning is located in Truth. All Truth is located in Love; which does not promote inner torment, rather it quells it.

Often we confuse love with conflict-resolution; which promotes more turmoil, and conflict. This happens because we expect something from our love, and in doing so set ourselves up for a fall.

When we open the door to Love, only the meaningful is recognized. When entering the door to Love, expectations are left behind.

You may feel as if you are a failure at Love. But, keep Loving. You are not a failure, rather you are faithful. Keep Loving. When you fall – allow love to raise you. db ¤

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