Monday, December 1, 2008

An act of meditation

Meditation and Spiritual /service
Sunday Begins at 10:00 a.m. Guided meditation starts at !0:05 a.m.; Dharma at 10:20

An act of meditation is actually an act of faith--of faith in your spirit, in your own potential. Faith is the basis of meditation. Not of faith in something outside you--a metaphysical buddha, an unattainable ideal, or someone else's words. The faith is in yourself, in your own "buddha-nature." You too can be a buddha, an awakened being that lives and responds in a wise, creative, and compassionate way.
-Martine Batchelor, "Meditation for Life" – Thanks to Angie Stablien

There are no neutral thoughts
What language do you use when speaking to yourself? Do you speak the language of love? Do you see beyond mundane issues?

Or, do you mull over irresolvable thoughts about people or concerns that will not change?

We have no neutral thoughts. Each and every one of the tens of thousands of thoughts that move through the mind daily, is rooted in either love of lack.

No thought is neutral.

Lacking promotes judgment. Love extends abundance. Lacking is restrictive. Love is expansive. Love extends the energy of allowance. Lacking extends the energy of resistance.

Allowance permits. Resistance strains. Allowance is freedom. Lacking is mental incarceration.

There are no neutral thoughts.
@Donald Brun – Center For Happy Beings

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