Friday, October 16, 2009

You are perfect

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"You are the love of God made manifest as a child's simple nature."

Who are you? You are perfection, just like the tulips posing for the snap shot. You have a simple purpose that is not unlike that of the butterfly. In truth you are love. You are happiness. You are a perfect entity that radiates divine love. Perfection flows to and through you. You are the love of God made manifest as a child’s simple nature.

The true you exist in a reality that is experienced far beyond the realm of worldly do’s and don’t. You are absolutely and totally acceptable. And if you truly wish to experience this reality, you will. One day you will come to know the Self that is beyond the trivial conflicts that are perpetuated through judgmental observation. You will shed one reality and your mind will be absorbed by the other. You will shed judgment, strife, and condemnation. You will see love where before it was hidden from you.

You cannot not be love. You were created as Love to love. All of our thoughts are put into action as an attempt to regain the love that we believe we are missing. Love, however never leaves. Rather it is omnipresent. We needn’t feel inclined nor compelled to do anything to experience love. To experience love we need only adhere to the choice to do so.
Who are you? You are the perfection of both cosmic balance and intelligence incarnated in a human form. Just as the tulips and the butterfly present themselves as incarnate divine intelligence, you too make the identical presentation. It is only by believing otherwise that we think otherwise. And only by thinking otherwise do we behave otherwise. Don

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