Friday, October 9, 2009

What is a Happy Being?

Happy Beings

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What is a Happy Being? A Happy Being is one who chooses to see love. And in seeing or perceiving love, also chooses to experience love. Happy Beings are Heart Conscious beings. They are willing to see the love that either is blooming or wants to bloom in each and every action. Happy Beings choose to remain interconnected with others through Super onsciousness, meaning that they also choose to remain connected with people, nature, the planet, the universe and the entire cosmos through unselfish compassion and understanding.

Super Consciousness is a term that I use to symbolize the totality of loving energy. Super Consciousness is omnipresent. It is not ever not present. Oh yes, it can be quelled, ignored, and even denied, but is never omitted. It always stands. It stays the course. It is always accessible. It exists in each of us in the form of Heart Consciousness. All of us experience love. All of us may in the flash of any moment return to Heart Consciousness.

And although love is often presented in different forms, it is still held steadfastly to a unique emotional experience, one that exits in a stratosphere beyond all other emotions. Although we may explain love in different terms, all of us explain it in a way that is completely beyond the way other emotions are defined. In general terms, love may simply be explained as an energy-form that emanates from the heart.

And when we experience this energy form in its truest sense we are experiencing Heart Consciousness and as this Consciousness interconnects and embrace the love in other people, nature, the earth, the universe, and the cosmos, then we are being One with our True Reality. We are as we are intended to be. We are being Super Conscious. We are being Heart Conscious. We are being Happy Beings. Don

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