Friday, June 26, 2009

Coincidences ~ are they accidental?

Do coincidences just appear by chance or are there some underline invisible basis from which they arise?

I believe that coincidences come forth from our thoughts. Have you ever thought of someone then within a day or so you run in to him or her. This happens to me with such frequency when I think of someone, then see him or her I say: I thought you up.
By that I mean that I have been thinking about you and now here you are.

I believe that as we are being drawn forward by our thoughts, coincidences arise to offer us special messages and guidance that is relative to connecting thought to destiny. Coincidences arise as either a navigational or information tool in leading us along our individual way in life.

A coincidence may appear to show us how to adjust our course; it may reveal what to look out for or something that we should avoid.

A coincidence may appear in the form of information. An off-handed conversation with someone may contain information about one subject that correlates to something entirely different. We may be looking for an answer or solution, and someone else will offer what we are looking for just by giving us an update on what is going on in his or her life.

The important thing about coincidences is to use them. Pay attention to when and how they appear. Try to relate a coincidence to what is being called forth in your life. If you are moving toward a particular idea or destination, look for the message contained in the coincidence that would help you in your movement. db¤

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