Friday, June 19, 2009

Being Aware Of How You Pray

It is not infrequent that after petitioning to God we feel a let down or experience a sense that God is not listening. Or one may think that God is not responding, and has not taken heed to the request that has put before Him.

For example a petition may be raised to God asking that he present the petitioner with a suitable romantic partner. Or possibly a request is made for discovering the prospects of a better job. In either case, when the request filled prayer goes unheard, then the one making the request is left with sort of an empty and inert feeling. He or she often feels sad and experiences angst.

Instead of praying with a particular request in mind, try meeting God at the source of consciousness from which his love radiates. Ask God to intercede with wisdom and guidance. God communicates to us through love. The wishes that we hold are often not motivated by love, but rather are a reaction to something we feel that we lack. They are a result of seeing what is not really present.

A conventional way of involving God in our lives is through prayer. In doing so often we infer that God is somewhere else and we are here, and we believe that we can get his ear by praying that he uses the power that he possesses out there to quell the issues that arise here. So often it is thought that God appears from on-high to intercede in our lives.

As you know nature repeats its cycles and patterns over and over. So much so that we live our lives in part, according to this repetition. For example we know that a day passes in twenty-four hours. And, we are assured that the oxygen we require is present in the air that we breathe. Without doubt, we realize that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In our maturation, we come to know that certain laws of nature are also truths.

We can count on to them. And just as we can predict and rely on the static truths of nature, we can likewise depend on the truths of God. So by communicating to God through love we allow His will to be our guide. In doing so we are living according the natural truths of divine consciousness.

If we want to experience God’s intercession in our lives, then it is necessary to meet God though His sole way of communicating. We must experience God’s presence through love. When we do we will be led in the appropriate way. Godly or Universal truths are immutable. They are as reliable and predictable as truths of nature.

You can look toward the west all morning, and will not see a sunrise. The sun always sets in the west and rises in the east. That is an immutable truth. God always communicates through love. That also is an absolute and irrefutable truth. If you want God to appear in your life then you must intercede with Him in accordance with this truth.

Be aware of God’s presence. Ask God to be One with you as you stand in the face of adversity. God is present in your mind. You need not ask that He bring His powers from elsewhere, rather be aware that His power radiates from you. Within you is the presence of God made manifest through the power of love. So the first step in involving God in your life is to realize that through love you may tap into His mind.Then be mindful.

You are now aware that the love of God radiates from within you, so pay attention to the thoughts that are experienced when following that source of love. Avoid conceding to thoughts that originate in self-pity or the belief that you are missing something that you should have. Rather know that love is the pathway on which you travel. Like traveling through rushing, rocky river bottoms realize that the way through rocky life experiences will be made obvious. A way will appear.

God will navigate, and love is the pathway on which you travel. Like traveling trough rushing, rocky, river bottoms, realize that the way through rocky life experiences will be made obvious. A way will appear. God will navigate.

Follow the light. When you experience doubt and want to alter the course, instead surrender your concerns to the light of love that radiates from within you. When problems and issues arise say to yourself: “I am the way, the truth and the light.” Then allow that light to radiate and illuminate the way.

Meditate. Think about who you really are. Reinforce the mind’s ultimate strength with thoughts about who you really are. Know that the presence of God is within you. Know that all things in your life can be approached with that divine presence within. Know that when you see
your problems and issues through love that all matters are resolvable. – Don ¤¤

If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it. ~Mother Teresa

I do believe that everything we see, everything that is in front of us is just the visible part of reality. We have the invisible part of reality, like emotions for example, like feelings. This is our perception of the world, but God is--as William Blake said--in a grain of sand and in a flower. This energy is everywhere.
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