Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Super-consciousness is your reality.

Each of us in essence is kind, compassionate and loving. Each of us at the core of who we are is one with a reality that does not judge, blame or condemn. This other or divine reality, which I refer to as Super-consciousness is not bent on pursuing the appeasement of cravings or the satisfaction of urges. It is the reality that is dominated by neither impulses nor addictions.

This Super-consciousness is the only true realm of reality. It is the true reality to which each of us is born. Every one of us, in our true nature has the capacity to experience life in a way that does not require validation of our individually manufactured identity. When we allow ourselves to experience the radiance of super-consciousness, we open ourselves to the true awareness of who we really are.

When we experience this miracle, then the essential meaning of our lives becomes visible and permeates into our understanding self and how we fit in the world. Who we are is no longer masked. Making, remaking and repairing our identity is no longer a foremost concern. Stress levels first begin to erode and then dissipate.

Your essential being is pure with divine light. In our early years however we begin to filter the divine light that originates in Super- consciousness. We filter it first of all with judgments about our own acceptability, and then that of others. We apply these judgmental ways to the various aspects of our lives, until the recognition of our light is darkened by the placement of numerous mental and emotional filters in front of it. These filters distract us and capture our focus until the distractions themselves become the meaning of our lives. We become the victim of our own relentless self-observations and judgment.

If you so intend, you can return to that loving place within. Your life can open like a beautiful budding rose. In the days ahead you can grow towards the light. The only thing you need to do initially, is decide that you want to experience peace, and live a life that radiates with love. Having made that single decision, next you must follow the learning trail. Take the journey along the way of self-love and happiness. Believe me, If I can do it, so can you.


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