Friday, September 4, 2009

I Everyone

I everyone. Happy Easter. Easter is the day of highest worship attendance in the Christian faith.

Why do so many practicing and non-practicing Christians join in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Maybe its because the events that led up to Jesus’ death are metaphoric to the tough and personally devastating occurrences in our lives. And the resurrection, represented on Easter, shows there is hope for something grand, that will take the restlessness and stressfulness away.

Ash Wednesday is celebrated forty days before Easter Sunday. An Ash Wednesday tradition, allowing ashes to be placed on one’s forehead, marks the beginning of lent. We are reminded by the ashes that when dead our bodies will return to the earth. We can use ash Wednesday as a metaphore for our lives.

After Jesus was murdered. He laid dead in a tomb.

On the third day he arose, and was made new. He experienced rebirth.

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