Friday, May 22, 2009

Faithful Attentiveness

How do I reconnect with my true nature? How do I become One with the God within? How do I adjoin with True Self? How do I discover the meaning of my life? Allow one or more of these questions to linger in your mind as you read what follows.

Native to Asia is the Chinese bamboo tree. Compared to most other trees the Chinese bamboo grows in a particularly unusual fashion. It does not emerge from the ground until four years after the seed is planted. Then in the fifth year, at a truly amazing rate of growth, the little shoot pierces the soil and rockets to an amazing height. In a matter of five or six weeks it can grow to a height of 90 or more feet. Some Asians say that an observer can literally watch the Chinese bamboo tree grow right before their eyes.

Being faithful to our True Nature is not unlike the development and growth of the Chinese bamboo tree. You may wait for what is seemingly an indefinite time period to realize the truth about who you are. You may be waiting for the light to draw you to the point of realization, where you can fill your awareness with real love and happiness.
Faith is key, and faith invariably requires waiting with both assurance and patience.

The Chinese bamboo tree does not remain dormant for four years. Rather the reason that growth from the ground up is not observed is because the tree uses four years to develop a vast supportive root system below the ground. Tree growers are however endlessly faithful to what will one day occur. They realize that the tree, in order to grow tall and fast, must first spread its roots deep and wide. For if the tree was to first grow above the ground without developing a hardy root system, little more than a slight wind would bring it down.

If you want to experience a state of consciousness that provides abundant love and happiness, then like the Chinese bamboo you must remain faithful to what you know will one day transpire. You must remain attentive to your intention, and be faithful to the outcome. Whether it is a matter of uncovering the God within, or discovering the meaning of your life, the universe once hearing your request, will begin to produce the required root system.

The bamboo growers are very attentive to the development of the tree. Without expecting to see any visible signs of growth they continue to nurture the fledgling trees with water and fertilizer. And although there are no apparent signs of life, growers realize that the tree is doing what it needs to do below the soil so the above ground plant will
one day grow and flourish. And when the tree finally burst through the soil it does so at an accelerated rate.

The universe intervenes with our loving intentions in much the same way. If we keep our minds focused on the outcome and remain faithful to God’s powers, then at one point when all necessary elements are in perfect balance and harmony, the way to our intentions will open up at an accelerated rate. The appropriate friends, acquaintances and teachers will appear. Also the right situations will develop. These may seem as if they are chance occurrences or coincidences, but they are not. The guiding wisdom of universal love is doing what it knows how to do. It is drawing us to what we are intended to receive.

Be thoughtful about what you request. The energy created by Divine Love is of a higher frequency than conventional ego transmitted energy. Ego energy tries to attract to itself that which it believes that it is lacking. In the realm of Divine Consciousness we are one with the mind of God. We are unified with the Mind that lacks nothing. So when making a request of that mind you are asking for your intention to be fulfilled as it relates to a divine orientation. I am not speaking of request that are specifically centered around ideas like earning a larger paycheck of getting a good deal on a car that you want. I’m speaking of requests that are beyond the dimension of getting things and people to match up to our desires. If you are experiencing financial or transportation issues then ask God to guide you through love to bring you the solution.

Ask that you experience love in a specific facet of your life. For example if you are experiencing job related concerns and would like for the wisdom of God to prevail. Then make that specific request. Keep it in the forefront of your mind. But, don’t meddle. Allow God to do His work. He will send you messages and messengers. Have faith. Be attentive to your intention by meditating. Quiet the concerns and problems that arise in your mind. Let go of all ego-based remedies for solving your problems. Be patient. The tree will sprout. You will be given a direction and your concerns will be handled.

If you are looking for the meaning of your life then ask the question: What is the meaning of my life? After, ask God to allow you to see the answer through love. Once you have asked, be assured that a messenger will deliver the response. You will hear the answer. But before that answer arrives make sure you tend to the tree. Hold loving thoughts in your mind. Avoid doubtfulness or making judgmental perceptions of yourself and others. Nurture your question with love, kindness, peacefulness and compassion. One day a sprout of knowledge will appear and from that sprout you will see new growth. Your True Nature will be revealed and you will be on your way to discovering the meaning of your life. And in that knowledge the
understanding of your Authentic Self will be revealed to you. Don¤¤

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