Friday, May 15, 2009

The bridge of Meditation

When I begin meditation, I frequently place an image in my mind that creates a sense of peacefulness. The brilliant pink lotus flower is an excellent representation of peace. To me it is a symbol of calmness and helps create a sense of inner-stillness. The effortlessly floating lotus is a metaphor for the practice of meditation. It rests quietly, full of its own beauty, wanting nothing, thinking of nothing, judging nothing.


A bridge allows easier accessibility to two landings that are otherwise separated by a chasm. In my life I am often aware of the consciousness that is represented by love, and compassion. Often I am reminded by the Holy Voice to remain non-judgmental and see only Love. The frequent reminders makes it none-the-less difficult to, at times, cross over, and just relinquish one form of consciousness for the other. The cross over can be resisted by old thought patterns. It seems like when I’m in a certain frame of cognition I just cannot bring myself to a place in the mind where I want to make the effort to be peaceful, calm and accepting. Rather I want to clutch the anger and judgment. In my mind, I see the other side. I realize the benefits that I will enjoy by crossing over from one reality to the other. But! But I hesitate. And then I ask myself: Why am I reluctant?

The answer I believe is centered in the concept of control. To walk the bridge from one state of reality to the other would mean relinquishing control. On one side of the bridge is the domain that I have controlled for many years. When I set foot to the bridge I realize that I am moving toward another domain, one in which I must surrender both my offensive and defensive weapons. This is a place in which weapons of the psyche have no use. This is Divine turf, a place where I am asked to surrender my ego-based thoughts and instead extend love and offer forgiveness.

Maybe at some point you also experience difficulty in bringing yourself to inner peace and joy. Maybe you, like me, realize that there is a peaceful place that waits, but you are resisting the walk over the bridge. Maybe you want to hold onto those toxic thoughts for a while.

Here are some things I do to help myself. I first place in the center of my mind an image that brings me to a happy state of mind. Then I move my mind to an image that represents calmness. As these images are interrupted by thoughts that encourage me to turn back, I visualize letting those taunting thoughts go.

Like a balloon filled with helium drifts high into the sky, I too encourage these hindering thoughts to drift off. I see myself taking one step at a time, crossing the bridge ever so slowly. As my mind begins to settle down, I focus on my breath, taking notice as each breath arises and falls.

Again ego-based thoughts will try to creep in and disturb this meditative practice. When they do, I mentally perceive myself letting the thought go. Over time, the anxiousness subsides and divine consciousness prevails. Again I become calm, relaxed and one with love. God fills my heart.

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