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Our Relationship with thought

“I think; therefore I am.” ~Rene Descartes 1596 - 1650

Our Relationship With Thought
Frequently conveyed in this Love Letter inspirational series, are ideas and numerous reflections that characterize the power of thought. Thought is the core mechanism used to sustain human survival, co-existence and communication. Thought can be a friend and foe, ally and betrayer, savior and annihilator. It can be motivated by love and fear, kindness and cruelty, forgiveness and condemnation. Thought is continually with us, being the permanent force that initiates and propels all rationale. Also, it is the implementer of all our choices.

Thoughts are often illusive representations, and they cluster tightly with emotions to assure they are not easily expelled from the mind. Thoughts seem to come from nowhere, conveying the impression that without provocation they can just magically appear. Often they surprise us by immediately showing up as uninvited occupants. Once a particular topic comes to our attention, thoughts immediately appear in either support or opposition to it.

Thoughts form patterns. We are hard wired, when entering this world, with a certain mental matrix that is formed by our parental gene pool. The electronic

To the family of Happy Beings -Jeannie Moore from Baltimore and Gina Marinello from Huntington Beach. db¤

An affirmation you may find helpful to living in the moment is: I am my divine mind: or if you prefer: I am the greater mind; or: I am my higher mind.
Either of these affirmations are exercises in mind training. Either plants in the mind an idea (thoughts) that capture the power of the moment. “I am” does not denote either what was or will be. “I am” is a representation only of the present. The present moment is really all that the mind can work with. It is all we really have. Yesterday is like a canceled check. It’s useless.
impulses (synapses) that fire in the brain cause tendencies for it to work most effectively in a specific functional way. For example, some of us will inherit the tendency to think
methodically, while others are born with a bent toward creative thinking. Genetically some are predisposed to a mind that processes thoughts quickly, while others are more profound thinkers.

Our thought patterns are also formed to a significant degree, by conditioning. We learn to think the way we think, because we learned to think by others who also think. They teach us to perceive, compare and judge just as they do. They also teach us to believe in their thoughts. Through beliefs, thoughts cause us to bond with others. Like-thinkers cluster in support and praise of their likeness.

Belief based thoughts possess a very strong polarization to similar thoughts. In support of a belief, we are taught to raise selected absolutes, principles and truths to continued mental awareness. These teachings are continually called forth as a means to strengthen a belief system with fundamental core thoughts. In a very real sense, we are taught to talk ourselves into valuing a specific viewpoint. This strict adherence to a particular belief system is often altruistic to our persuasive skills, even to the detriment of the planet and mankind. We learn a belief then we convince others that we are trumpeting the “truth.”

Through conditioning we learn to behave. We use thoughts to both act and react. Behavior conditioning, programs the mind to make automatic

Tomorrow is like a promissory note. It is merely a promise and may or may not be collected. Today however is like cash in the pocket. It can be converted to some-
thing believed to be of benefit. db¤

But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? – Albert Camus

That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest. – Henry David Thoreau
Who refreshes others will be refreshed
-Proverbs 11:25
When all is said and done, the one sole condition that makes spiritual happiness and preserves it is the absence of doubt.
~ Mark Twainresponses.

And as such, we learn to set ourselves up for making achievements and enduring setbacks. We learn how to either fail or rebound. We learn to move boldly or fearfully. We learn to either be ethical or calculating. And, we also learn to consort with those who are like us.

The mind absorbs an infinite number of instructional information bytes. We take what we learn from this collection of information units and use it as an incisive instrument to shape both the present and future. So everything that happens in our lives is an effect of our thoughts. In other words, the cause of everything that transpires is the result of our thoughts. Nothing shows up coincidentally. We bring all manifestations into reality through our thoughts. All things good and bad arise because we “think” them into existence.

Change the way you think, and your thoughts will also change. Change the way you think and the effects of your
thoughts, will create different outcomes. Properly change the way you think, and life becomes a never-till-now realized panorama of beauty, harmony, peace and love. Potential is unlocked.

More is coming. Dwell in a new you – for the next Love Letter. db ¤

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