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Truth = Love 
Every thought that is not encompassed in Love, is not Truth.  Every thought that is not encompassed in Love is a foreign energy-form that has intruded upon the perfect Creation. This foreign form of energy is insoluble with Truth.  It does not adhere to our True Nature. Mixing Truth with ego is like pouring oil into water.  Neither mixes with the other. Likewise both Truth and ego-illusions are each formed in separate belief systems.  

Our individual Truth is incubated in Super-consciousness, and is ever-present and always assessable.  Ego-based thoughts are perpetuated in conventional conscious- ness.  These thoughts are fickle and unstable.  They are aligned in a mind that has been influenced by conditional acceptance.

Truth and ego do not bond with one another.  Every thought that is not seated in Truth is a distraction, and does not bond with Love.  Neither the judgment of our self, nor the comparisons that are made of our self to others, have any influence in establishing our Truth.

Since Truth does not recognize blame, it knows of no condition where guilt is present.  The Super-conscious mind recognizes only Truth.   This mind holds no one as guilty, and being the extension of this Mind, we also have the endowed capacity to transcend the blame and faultfinding that the ego would have us otherwise indulge our minds with. 

Like oil does not bond with water, love does not bond with guilt, blame, or condemnation.  Love does not berate.  Love does not judge.  To Be Love is our Truth.  To Love others is the expression of that Truth. 

When we allow ourselves to be guided by Truth, then we are being at-one with the non-judgmental, all-accepting Divine Order of Creation; which is Super-consciousness. Love to you. - Don
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