Monday, April 12, 2010


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Allowing the Wise Voice Within
Another Voice speaks.  It is the voice of Divine Order, or what I also refer to as the Wise Voice within.

When we are trying to better our level of self-worth, by striving to live up to some worldly expectation, we can instead redirect our minds. We have an option. We can allow the Wise Voice within to transcend the ego thought system and redirect our awareness to the Super-conscious mind. 

We can make ourselves aware that the thoughts we are having are not bringing us inner-peace.  We can experience a shift in thinking by listening closer for the Wise Voice within.  This Voice leads us from ego-based self-oriented thinking to Wise and Wholesome thinking. 

     This Voice does not communicate the message that we must one-day amount to something, or live up to some standard or do as we are expected to do.  Rather, this Voice will inspire us to realize that the idea of proving our self-focused worth through strife is both unfounded and needless.
This Wise Voice guides us to allow love to be the focal point of our thoughts and activities.  This is the Voice of the awakened mind, the Voice that remembers who we really are.

This Voice speaks the thoughts engendered in the Mind of Super-consciousness.  It is the Mind that doesn’t acknowledge the concept of acceptance, so it does not devote its energy or attention to increasing and protecting our self-worth.  This Mind is not caught in a seemingly never-ending and frustrating thought process. 

When you and I were called forth as Life, we were created as a Self that cannot be made better.  Each of us fits perfectly into the total cosmic balance.  We can do nothing to or for the Self, that will render it more worth.  Our worth is established by the Truth that we are One with Super-consciousness, One with All in Creation, One with One another.  One Wise Voice resounds throughout Creation, and that One Voice speaks through You.  Love to All - Don

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