Friday, November 27, 2009

Remembering Our Reality

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“Even before being born we were being called forth by Divine Intention”

In spite of the movement of many toward a happier and peaceful way of life, many, many others continue to be enormously troubled. They feel that on a fundamental level something is still missing or lacking, and therefore are unable to grasp a way to permanently fill the emptiness within.

In the pursuit of a happier life and a more acceptable self, we often become increasingly troubled. We can “walk” through some very dark emotional valleys in our lives, where our love of self seems to have been eroded away, and the raw surface of painful feelings remain both over-exposed and unprotected.

Some of us are burdened with persistent moods of restlessness and discontentment. We feel as if we have been cheated or passed-by, and are therefore dismayed because life isn’t what we thought it would be, or didn’t turn out the way that it was supposed to.

Others must tolerate an existence that presents an endless series of frustrations and disappointments, causing them to feel as if they are trapped into fighting one battle after the next, making their struggle with ongoing conflicts and contradictions seem perpetually inescapable. These unfortunate folks suffer because of gnarling stress brought on by the collision of repetitive, rehashed thoughts.

And still, many others possess heavy hearts that are stuck in the grips of a dark and lingering gloom. They are left to feel lonely and sad because they can’t find a way to fit-in, suffer from feelings of abandonment, loss of a loved-one, or because they can’t seem to make a relationship work.

Why does this happen to so many of us?

The simple answer is: it happens because we have forgotten who we really are. In the perpetual pursuit of ways and measures that will prove our acceptability, we have distanced ourselves from the truth. The truth that we have forgotten is that we are one with a realm of consciousness that does not require us to meet a pre-determined level of acceptability. We forgot that we were born with pureness of heart and mind, and that pureness continues to be who we really are.

Even before being born, we were being called forth by Divine Intention.

As the gap grew between who we really are and who we are trying to be, we forgot about our reality. We forgot that we are totally acceptable and naturally happy. We became distracted. From a young age we are taught that the myth that was created about our self is the truth. This myth continues, being perpetuated by a reality that speaks to us about our lack of acceptability. This myth relentlessly communicates to us that who we are is not yet acceptable and we must do something other than what we are doing in order to come up to the compliance standards of a conventional reality. Don

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