Sunday, March 28, 2010



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Awakening -
And Remembering
We have the thoughts that we think, because we choose to follow the belief system that is the source of those thoughts. 

If you want to get rid of stress and anxiety then make a shift in the way you think.  Hit the switch.  Turn the channel.  Change your mind, and you will change your thoughts.  Awaken.  Allow Love to fill your mind and heart.  Change your beliefs about what you perceive.

Observe your thoughts.  Be aware of the distracting thoughts that consume your mental energy.  See how often you make judgments.  Be aware of the thoughts that make you emotionally ill-at-ease.  Then choose again.  Make another choice.  Remember who you really are.  Recognize the inherent Love that is within.

Believe in the power of that Love and you will see it in the circumstances and situations that arise.  You will see it in others.  When we choose to enrich our lives with loving thoughts, our minds are then freed from clutter and saved from being overworked.  Relieve your mind of the “hellacious” pressure and emotions it may otherwise endure.  Loving thoughts will cleanse the mind and clear out the toxic feelings that cause us so much anguish and despair.  Make different choices about what is perceived and we create new beliefs.  We can see Love where we otherwise either initiated or perpetuated distracting thoughts.

There is nothing that Love cannot do.  Super-consciousness is totally consumed with Love.  Be at one with that Consciousness.  Get in that mind-groove.  In being at-one with Super-consciousness we are awakened, and our awakened awareness allows us to realize that we have redeemed ourselves from thoughts that would otherwise remain.  We learn to take relief in Loving thoughts.  In time, the belief in Love grows and expands.
A mind consumed with unhealthy negative thoughts can make a person feel like he or she is condemned to a hell-like existence.  By choosing loving thoughts we will redeem ourselves.  By remaining aware that any thought that is not a loving thought is nothing other than a distraction. 

       It is a thought that distracts us from recognizing the truth about ourselves.  That truth is: We (You) are Love.  And each of Us (You) are One with Super-consciousness.  So it may be helpful when distracting thoughts enter the mind to allow the Love within to connect with the Love elsewhere.  If we are willing, we can notice either Love or the yearning for Love all around us.  We can change our belief about what we perceive.   In doing so we will discover the light of inner-peace and Love within our own hearts.
- Love to You - Don

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"LOVE LETTER" excerpt blog
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Love and Happiness

Love is happiness, and to express love through thoughts and actions is our only purpose in this life. And in the fulfillment of this purpose we are being exactly as we are intended to be.

There is no real happiness in any thought that omits Love. Any single thought that does not include Love is a distraction. Happiness is our natural state of being, and we are not without happiness unless we choose to exclude Love from our thinking.

All unhappiness is experienced because conditional love is either offered or withheld from others based on a motive to gain or get something in return. We can use huge portions of many years trying to satisfy our motives to be accepted, important, worthy and loved; all of which seem to promise happiness as the ultimate reward. Some seek this satisfaction in a romance, friendship or career while others look for it in sports, or special interests. Like completing a puzzle, we learn to believe that Love and Happiness will be assured when the pieces of our lives seemingly fit together.

Our minds can become so immensely distracted with what goes on in our daily lives, that our real Divine Nature is forgotten or even ignored. And when the truth about who we are is allowed to fade from our memory, then the voice that speaks to us tells us: We are yet in need of something else in order to be who we should be. Insatiably the “me beast” follows it’s cravings, while reminding us that it still wants to be fed. The puzzle is never completed.

In realizing we are one with Love we simultaneously realize that there is nothing else that we can be. We need not look for better things, people or ideas to make us happy. When we are aware that no worldly distraction can offer real happiness, then in that instant of awareness can we see that our pursuits do not bring lasting happiness. For in that awareness we can realize that happiness is not to be discovered by allowing the same self-defeating patters of behavior to be repeated.

Happiness has never made a departure from our lives. Love never leaves us. Rather it is the voice other than Love, which coaxes us to seek what is already in our midst. That voice tells us that happiness can be realized through the pursuit of invented distractions.

Some of us must make many attempts at discovering happiness before we recognize that it was not a state we needed to vacate in order to find. Happiness is the natural state of Creation. To be happy is to be one with that state. No matter how far or wide we have ventured in our pursuit of it, happiness has never left us, nor diminished even in one degree or inkling, in its intensity. It is only by following the way of distracted thinking that we perceive anything other than happiness.- Love to you – Don.




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