Friday, May 29, 2009

Rhymes and Reasons

This song appears on eleven albums. In light of all the displeasure that is being experienced in the lives of so many, these lyrics reflect a source of honesty and simplicity in which we can find reassurance.

So you speak to me of sadness
And the coming of the winter
Fear that is within you now
It seems to never end

And the dreams that have escaped you
And the hope that you’ve forgotten
You tell me that you need me now
You want to be my friend

And you wonder where were going
Where’s the rhyme and where’s the reason
And its you cannot accept
It is here we must begin
To seek the wisdom of the children
And the graceful way of flowers in the wind

For the children and the flowers
Are my sisters and my brothers
Their laughter and their loveliness
Could clear a cloudy day

Like the music of the mountains
And the colors of the rainbow
They’re a promise of the future
And a blessing for today
Though the cities start to crumble
And the towers fall around us
The sun is slowly fading
And it’s colder than the sea

It is written from the desert
To the mountains they shall lead us
By the hand and by the heart
They will comfort you and meIn their innocence and trusting

They will teach us to be free

For the children and the flowers
Are my sisters and my brothers
Their laughter and their loveliness
Could clear a cloudy day

And the song that I am singing
Is a prayer to non-believers
Come and stand beside us
We can find a better way

~Words and music by John Denver

In these tough times where so few tower over the many who are fearful for the fate of their livelihood. In these times where we look at the real question: How did we allow this to happen? At this time where so many are at the brink of hopelessness, having had to surrender a house, and face gouging credit card debt; at a time where medical attention is getting increasingly scare for the majority, and the ability to provide food for a family is an increasing concern; at a time where political figures make doubtful promises.

Now, at this time listen carefully to the words of this song (Rhymes and Reasons). It will take you to a place of inner simplicity. It will return you to a place that is not of this world. It will return you to a Self that can readily utter what really matters in our lives. It will draw you to place within where your heart and mind are filled with the presence of God. When you arrive at that place listen to what God has to say to you. DON ¤¤

Friday, May 22, 2009

Faithful Attentiveness

How do I reconnect with my true nature? How do I become One with the God within? How do I adjoin with True Self? How do I discover the meaning of my life? Allow one or more of these questions to linger in your mind as you read what follows.

Native to Asia is the Chinese bamboo tree. Compared to most other trees the Chinese bamboo grows in a particularly unusual fashion. It does not emerge from the ground until four years after the seed is planted. Then in the fifth year, at a truly amazing rate of growth, the little shoot pierces the soil and rockets to an amazing height. In a matter of five or six weeks it can grow to a height of 90 or more feet. Some Asians say that an observer can literally watch the Chinese bamboo tree grow right before their eyes.

Being faithful to our True Nature is not unlike the development and growth of the Chinese bamboo tree. You may wait for what is seemingly an indefinite time period to realize the truth about who you are. You may be waiting for the light to draw you to the point of realization, where you can fill your awareness with real love and happiness.
Faith is key, and faith invariably requires waiting with both assurance and patience.

The Chinese bamboo tree does not remain dormant for four years. Rather the reason that growth from the ground up is not observed is because the tree uses four years to develop a vast supportive root system below the ground. Tree growers are however endlessly faithful to what will one day occur. They realize that the tree, in order to grow tall and fast, must first spread its roots deep and wide. For if the tree was to first grow above the ground without developing a hardy root system, little more than a slight wind would bring it down.

If you want to experience a state of consciousness that provides abundant love and happiness, then like the Chinese bamboo you must remain faithful to what you know will one day transpire. You must remain attentive to your intention, and be faithful to the outcome. Whether it is a matter of uncovering the God within, or discovering the meaning of your life, the universe once hearing your request, will begin to produce the required root system.

The bamboo growers are very attentive to the development of the tree. Without expecting to see any visible signs of growth they continue to nurture the fledgling trees with water and fertilizer. And although there are no apparent signs of life, growers realize that the tree is doing what it needs to do below the soil so the above ground plant will
one day grow and flourish. And when the tree finally burst through the soil it does so at an accelerated rate.

The universe intervenes with our loving intentions in much the same way. If we keep our minds focused on the outcome and remain faithful to God’s powers, then at one point when all necessary elements are in perfect balance and harmony, the way to our intentions will open up at an accelerated rate. The appropriate friends, acquaintances and teachers will appear. Also the right situations will develop. These may seem as if they are chance occurrences or coincidences, but they are not. The guiding wisdom of universal love is doing what it knows how to do. It is drawing us to what we are intended to receive.

Be thoughtful about what you request. The energy created by Divine Love is of a higher frequency than conventional ego transmitted energy. Ego energy tries to attract to itself that which it believes that it is lacking. In the realm of Divine Consciousness we are one with the mind of God. We are unified with the Mind that lacks nothing. So when making a request of that mind you are asking for your intention to be fulfilled as it relates to a divine orientation. I am not speaking of request that are specifically centered around ideas like earning a larger paycheck of getting a good deal on a car that you want. I’m speaking of requests that are beyond the dimension of getting things and people to match up to our desires. If you are experiencing financial or transportation issues then ask God to guide you through love to bring you the solution.

Ask that you experience love in a specific facet of your life. For example if you are experiencing job related concerns and would like for the wisdom of God to prevail. Then make that specific request. Keep it in the forefront of your mind. But, don’t meddle. Allow God to do His work. He will send you messages and messengers. Have faith. Be attentive to your intention by meditating. Quiet the concerns and problems that arise in your mind. Let go of all ego-based remedies for solving your problems. Be patient. The tree will sprout. You will be given a direction and your concerns will be handled.

If you are looking for the meaning of your life then ask the question: What is the meaning of my life? After, ask God to allow you to see the answer through love. Once you have asked, be assured that a messenger will deliver the response. You will hear the answer. But before that answer arrives make sure you tend to the tree. Hold loving thoughts in your mind. Avoid doubtfulness or making judgmental perceptions of yourself and others. Nurture your question with love, kindness, peacefulness and compassion. One day a sprout of knowledge will appear and from that sprout you will see new growth. Your True Nature will be revealed and you will be on your way to discovering the meaning of your life. And in that knowledge the
understanding of your Authentic Self will be revealed to you. Don¤¤

Friday, May 15, 2009

The bridge of Meditation

When I begin meditation, I frequently place an image in my mind that creates a sense of peacefulness. The brilliant pink lotus flower is an excellent representation of peace. To me it is a symbol of calmness and helps create a sense of inner-stillness. The effortlessly floating lotus is a metaphor for the practice of meditation. It rests quietly, full of its own beauty, wanting nothing, thinking of nothing, judging nothing.


A bridge allows easier accessibility to two landings that are otherwise separated by a chasm. In my life I am often aware of the consciousness that is represented by love, and compassion. Often I am reminded by the Holy Voice to remain non-judgmental and see only Love. The frequent reminders makes it none-the-less difficult to, at times, cross over, and just relinquish one form of consciousness for the other. The cross over can be resisted by old thought patterns. It seems like when I’m in a certain frame of cognition I just cannot bring myself to a place in the mind where I want to make the effort to be peaceful, calm and accepting. Rather I want to clutch the anger and judgment. In my mind, I see the other side. I realize the benefits that I will enjoy by crossing over from one reality to the other. But! But I hesitate. And then I ask myself: Why am I reluctant?

The answer I believe is centered in the concept of control. To walk the bridge from one state of reality to the other would mean relinquishing control. On one side of the bridge is the domain that I have controlled for many years. When I set foot to the bridge I realize that I am moving toward another domain, one in which I must surrender both my offensive and defensive weapons. This is a place in which weapons of the psyche have no use. This is Divine turf, a place where I am asked to surrender my ego-based thoughts and instead extend love and offer forgiveness.

Maybe at some point you also experience difficulty in bringing yourself to inner peace and joy. Maybe you, like me, realize that there is a peaceful place that waits, but you are resisting the walk over the bridge. Maybe you want to hold onto those toxic thoughts for a while.

Here are some things I do to help myself. I first place in the center of my mind an image that brings me to a happy state of mind. Then I move my mind to an image that represents calmness. As these images are interrupted by thoughts that encourage me to turn back, I visualize letting those taunting thoughts go.

Like a balloon filled with helium drifts high into the sky, I too encourage these hindering thoughts to drift off. I see myself taking one step at a time, crossing the bridge ever so slowly. As my mind begins to settle down, I focus on my breath, taking notice as each breath arises and falls.

Again ego-based thoughts will try to creep in and disturb this meditative practice. When they do, I mentally perceive myself letting the thought go. Over time, the anxiousness subsides and divine consciousness prevails. Again I become calm, relaxed and one with love. God fills my heart.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Receiving the Light & Treasures of the Light

You were brought forth by the Light. This Light induced life into the tiny aqueous embryonic physical form. From the unity of Light and that host form a being was created. You were created.

At some point in our early lives many of us loose our memory of the Light. Rather our awareness is diverted and we are restricted by a reality that wants us to respond to its ever-persistent demands and expectations. In simple terms, we forego the wisdom of God, the Light, for satisfaction of self-serving desires.

Wondering in the dark causes loneliness and a sense that something is missing. And so, many come to a point in their lives where they eventually search for truth and in doing so acknowledge the Light, and recognize its divine power. When initially entering this new awareness, folks begin to see into the flawed conventional reality of self. They begin to view this reality from an objective point of view, much as if who they are is playing on a theatre screen, and they are the detached viewer.

In entering this transitional point many folks claim to see the self from a distant and removed vantage point. They realize that a powerful attraction, something beyond conventional reality is drawing them toward it. Something of a divine transpersonal nature is pulling them away from their pursuits of self-indulging wants and cravings.

Worldly desires become more and more meaningless during this transitional period.
Followers of the Light realize that the magnetic force of divine wisdom is redirecting their awareness and that they are part of Something that is Ultimate and Wise.

Once this recognition is acknowledged then what is to be done next? How does one immerse one’s self in this new reality? How do those who have entered this brink, evolve into the Divine Self and share in Divine Consciousness. The answer is: we must first be clear about our intention, then remain faithful and attentive to that intention.

I’m not speaking of intentions that are based on firstly satisfying self-gratifying expectations, wants and desire. I’m not referring to intentions that are pinpointed to getting a new Bentley or affording a wardrobe overhaul.

Intentions that emanate directly from self-serving worldly cravings are rooted in the idea that we lack something and will thusly be happy once we get whatever we believe is missing.
Those desires are seeded and propagated in a reality that restricts both self-awareness and our spiritual transformation. I am speaking of intentions that call forth love, happiness, and the fullness of life. These intentions will bring forth into our lives everything that is required to nurture, develop and support their wellbeing.

In asking that God guide you and ingratiate you with fullness, willingly release your worldly appetites. Ask that God take control of your daily comings and goings. Ask that you experience Love, and it is love that you shall receive. Ask that you be happy and you will be given the where-with-all and guidance to be a happy being. Ask that you experience a life of fullness and you will enjoy the abundant flow of love and happiness that comes your way. “Ask and you shall receive.” Ask, then allow God to do His thing. Get out of the way. Ask to receive the Light and you shall be the Light of the world. Don¤¤

Treasures of the Light

Last Sunday at The Center for Happy Beings, the theme of our talk was fear. We spoke of how we involve fear in our everyday lives, and also how fear can take control our behavior and the direction of our lives. We looked at how to transcend our fears, and get beyond the hurt that fear has caused us. Then we participated in a guided meditation where we silently and individually returned to a critically fearful place in our past, and allowed the fearful emotions to dissipate and then diminish. It was a great day for the Light. Each Sunday morning is an adventure in finding new treasures of the Light. db¤

Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis - Martha Beck

From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things, and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

An age is called "dark," not because the light fails to shine but because people refuse to see it. ~James Michener

Even a thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us.- Nietzsche

Enjoy a wonderful and happy month of May – remember you are the
Light. db¤

Discover the Love Within.
Take the Pathway to Self-Transformation. Your butterfly is awaiting!

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.
 -Abraham Maslow

It is difficult to see the picture when you are inside of the frame.
 -Author Unknown

It is a paradox of life that some of the best people we ever meet are those who have suffered a great deal. Their lives are like still waters that run very deep. There's a quality of inner goodness that has been wrought through all the pain.-
James Jones